"Jane Kronick is like a guardian angel to the terminally disorganized like me. For once I have had the peace of mind that only a clean, organized closet and desk can bring. This is not a luxury, it is a necessity. And Jane is a kind, understanding person who is a pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend her highly enough."---Judy Licht Della Femina, NYC/East Hampton, January 2010

"I'm soooo glad I Googled "organizers East Hampton". You are the perfect person for my temperament, and I couldn't have done this without you. While running my business in NYC, I decided to put my EH house on the market. I needed another "me"…. only a more organized, get- it -done version.
I couldn't have made a more perfect decision. No matter what I put on your plate, you did it before I could even start worrying. And since you have a real estate background, you were especially helpful in making sure every little detail was covered before I put the house on the market.

Because of your expert advice and help, I sold in 7 weeks. And now, I have no fears about the move. I know it will go perfectly."---
Karen Tripi, Karen Tripi Associates, NYC/East Hampton, November, 2011

“After doing such a super job in helping me organize and create a home office last year, I knew I had to hire Jane Kronick at your professional organizer to do the same when I moved offices this year. There’s a place for everything now, and it all works so effortlessly. I recommend your professional organizer for anyone who wants to make their life a lot easier. Being 100% organized really can change your life.”---Karin Wertheim, Custom Care Solution, New York City, September, 2011

"All I can say is "Wow"..what i did in 3 weeks with you is amazing! I googled "professional organizers" in the Hamptons and your company came up immediately. I called and within a few days we had spoken at length on the phone & I decided to give it a shot and just dig in. This was something I knew I couldn't do myself. I had to find someone focused, organized & easy to work with, and you fit all 3 of my criteria.

I have a beach house in Amagansett that I live in year-round. At the same time, I rent the house in the summer as an income-producing property. I wanted to streamline the entire process so that it would be easier for me, on a year-to-year basis, to transition in and out of the house, plus I wanted to do some inexpensive "cosmetic surgery" to "de-clutter". You made the process easy for me, even though I had to let go of a lot of things that I had accumulated, which was an emotional process as well.

The services of a "professional organizer" are well worth it..sometimes you just can't do it all yourself. The brokers were blown away at the difference that some "de-cluttering" has done in terms of even the listing value of my home. I thank you again for helping me & also motivating me to do a lot of work on my own.” ---Alexandra Rosenfeld, Chef, East Hampton, NY, March, 2011

"I would recommend Jane to anyone! By nature, I am an organized person, but I did require help with my basement, storage areas, closets, placement of new TV's, etc. Jane was able to accomplish all that needed to be done for years in 2 weeks! Jane is easygoing, honest, very pleasant to deal with, hard working, helpful, fair and trustworthy. She is obviously extremely well organized, goal and detail oriented, and knowledgeable. Jane also provided information regarding excellent resources and vendors to get the job done in record time. It was obvious to me that her clients are of the utmost concern to her. Jane is a true professional who is a master of her craft. I was delighted with her work, and the sincere interest she demonstrated in the project. I would, therefore, recommend her to anyone who needs to get their life and home in order. "---Patricia A. Durkan, East Hampton, NY, May, 2008

"All I can say is that I'm so glad I called your professional organizer. You've proven to be a wonderful asset to our organization, and we would not hesitate to call on you if we decide to do another renovation of this magnitude. I recommend your services highly. You are a quality person and we trusted you every step of the way"--- J. Kissin, East Hampton, NY, May, 2009

"Jane Kronick is organized, efficient, methodical, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people. She is one of a kind, and I highly recommend her to anyone who's looking to hire someone who is top-notch in any area of the "organizing" spectrum."--- Christina Mazzawi, Spark Lighting International, East Hampton, NY, November, 2011

"Jane did a great job helping me clear the clutter out of my NYC office. She also helped me put together a filing system for my bills and other documents that I need to keep. I feel great! It's like all this weight has been lifted off my back and I can breathe freely. I think everyone should free themselves from clutter!" --- Alice Kushner, New York City, September 2011

"Jane Kronick helped me organize my thoughts, come up with appropriate lists, and most importantly, comes up with what my priorities were. Thanks to your professional organizer my house in Sag Harbor is beginning to feel like a real home now, and I feel SO organized. Now I will hire Jane to help me with my NYC apartment!" --- Ellen Blumenstein, NYC/Sag Harbor, NY, November, 2011

"My husband absolutely loves the new home office!! He was shocked and surprised that all that was done in a few days. He is so happy with the organized space, and now wants to hire you to come into the city & do his office here! We will definitely be seeing more of you Jane!" --- Karen Reuben, NYC/East Hampton, September, 2010

“Thank you so much for the work you did on our filing system. I never thought it would get done. I am sure, without a doubt, that I will now be able to keep up the filing. I recommend you to anyone in need of some organizing!” --- Lizz Salaway, East Hampton, NY, March, 2007

"I just wanted to tell you how satisfied I was with the job you did for me and my sister at our new home in East Hampton. It was really comforting to know that while we both spend most of our time in the city; everything that we wanted to get done GOT DONE because of you. Thanks for also doing a great job in my home office in the city."---Candice Dobbs, Dobbs Associates, NYC/East Hampton, NY, October, 2011

"I cannot recommend Jane enough. My husband and I tend to "hoard" a little bit, and we finally decided to get rid of things, a little at a time. We hired Jane for several months to help us with the process. We now have an empty garage and basement and are thrilled with the job she did. I'm only hoping I can keep it up."---Leslee Melamed, Montauk, NY, May, 2010

“I’ve known Jane Kronick for over 25 years, and I will say, unequivocally, that any business she’s involved in is a business built on integrity. She owned one of the most successful talent agencies in New York City for many years, and in that profession “organization” is the key word. I hired your professional organizer when I moved my office last year, as moving an office can be an overwhelming experience. Jane Kronick did a fabulous job in helping me bring all the loose ends together, and hiring a professional organizer is a treat that everyone deserves when they’re in a stressful situation.”---Jeff Rohde, New York City, March, 2010

"When I heard that Jane Kronick was beginning an “organizing” business, I thought it was a perfect fit for one of the most organized people I know! your professional organizer helped me with my move from NYC to Sag Harbor, and everything went flawlessly. They organized everything from the actual packing to finding a responsible, reasonably priced mover to do the move. I recommend your professional organizer for any job. It’s worth every penny!”---Ken Solomon, Ken Solomon Productions, Sag Harbor, NY, May, 2009

"I left my home filled with all of my possessions never to return. Why? Jane organized a very complicated move to the city. I never looked back. My house is now sold and everything organized because I trusted the talent and honesty that make Jane--Jane. Thank you so much. ”---Linda Wassong Cohen, New York City, May, 2008

"You guys did a great job in helping me organize and clean out our basement.
You were so quick and efficient, and I can't believe everything was finished in a few hours. I will recommend you in a heartbeat."---Lisa Bonner, East Hampton, NY, April, 2007

"You took my back room that no one could even touch and turned it around, which was a small miracle. I can now walk in that room and I love the different areas we created. I also liked that whatever we bought was so reasonable and easy to put together. Thanks for all your hard work."---Marianne Leone, Terrific Talent Associates, New York City, June, 2009

“After I had my child I began to accumulate more “things” than I had room for in my home. There wasn’t a drawing that my daughter “created” that wasn’t saved in some drawer or pile. She’s only a toddler, so I envisioned 15 years later, and realized that I had to come up with a plan and a way to organize what I wanted to save, and figure out what could get tossed. Jane Kronick helped me come up with a neat and easy system for storage, and now I have one central station for everything. She ordered me this fabulous item that sorts and files children’s art work by school year, and everything is labeled and easy to find. It’s a brilliant invention, and a real space-saver. I recommend your professional organizer without reservation.”---Sari Brownstein, Sag Harbor, NY, January, 2011

"As an author, traveling lecturer, and business-owner, I know the importance of being organized.  Jane can size up any situation immediately and make the most efficient decisions for your needs and space. Best of all, Jane does it in a way that makes it easy for you to maintain."---Brian O'Neil, author of Acting As A Business, New York City, May, 2010

"I never thought anyone could be as organized as me! Really!
I was pleasantly surprised by Jane and am grateful to her for managing my worst nightmare--my academic paperwork dating back to 1990. Now, that's a lot of paper. Jane created a system for organizing my professional journals and articles by subject and author. But this became more than just a library. Jane arranged it so that my articles have once again become useful in my work and teaching today. The best part is that Jane showed me how to keep the system going as I acquire more paper. Finally, I'm beyond my worst nightmare and have Jane to thank for that."---
Pamela Lotenberg, East Hampton, NY, December, 2006
“Your system for me is completely working, and so simple to follow. Since you set me up over a month ago, it’s been very easy to stay organized, and that was my goal. And you are so easy to work with, as well. You listened to what I said that I needed to do and how I live my life, and you completely tailored the system for me.”---Jennifer Fowkes, Amagansett, NY, October, 2006