Jane Kronick’s professional life was first spearheaded in 1972 as assistant to Mario Puzo, author of The Godfather, which subsequently led to high profile positions at Putnam Publishing and National Lampoon Magazine. In 1977, she was profiled in New York Magazine for opening and creating what "Best Bets" called the most unique candy and gift boutique in Greenwich Village.

In 1980 she joined a talent agency representing children, teens and young adult actors. A few months later, she not only owned the company, but turned it into one of the leading full-service theatrical talent agencies in New York City. She had a special knack for finding exceptional talent, and discovered many child stars. Jane's talent agency was bought by Abrams Artists Agency, which is currently one of the leading full-service talent agencies with offices in New York City and Los Angeles.

From there, Jane moved to a thriving consulting and public speaking career geared toward the self-marketing of actors and models. Accustomed to dealing with everyone from renowned personalities to people of all different lifestyles and temperaments, she worked closely and capably with each individual to assess and fulfill whatever their needs were.

Manhattan born and bred, Jane grew up in a New York City real estate family. Having lived and breathed the business of real estate over the years, she absorbed every detail from her grandfather and from her brother, who is presently a real estate developer in South Florida. Her "first-hand training" brought her full circle, after her own high-profile career path in the entertainment industry, into the world of real estate, where she effectively helped others attain their individual dreams while working at one of New York City’s leading real estate firms. Extremely caring, focused, thorough, organized, and people savvy, Jane took the ball and ran with it for every potential customer who entrusted her with their interests. Jane still has her New York State real estate license, which is currently held by one of New York City's leading firms.

Jane decided to use all of her “life experience” and begin a “professional organizing” business. She can help anyone create a beautiful “home-office”, “de-clutter” a home, organize anything from basements to attics, “stage” homes for resale, and much more! “Organization” and “insight” are the key words here. Let Jane and the staff at your professional organizer help you “organize” your life!